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  • GoalKeeper Stick Azemad  NO CORE  GoalKeeper fiber stick  Light and strong GoalKeeper Stick Azemad  NO CORE...

    € 64,00 (EU tax incl.)
  • Kit for free style OPERA  Boots Edea Rondò, Frame roll Line Variant M, wheels Roll Line Magnum mm57, bearings Abec 1 Sizes from 29 to 42 Kit for free style OPERA  Boots Edea...

    € 238,00 (EU tax incl.)
    € 238,00 INTERNATIONAL
  • The Pattern 99 Revolution is what happens when you let time-honoured craftsmen take the highest quality blade and fuse it with carbon fibre technology. The result is without comparison - this is simply the finest lightweight precision blade on the planet. ROCKER 8FT SIZE RANGE 8"-11" The Pattern 99 Revolution is what...

    € 461,00 (EU tax incl.)
    € 461,00 INTERNATIONAL
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  • With the introduction of carbon fibre technology the Gold Star Revolution is more than equipped to handle the rigours and demands of advanced freestyle techniques. Already the choice of champions in traditional blade form, the Revolution Gold Star is quickly setting similar standards. ROCKER 7FT SIZE RANGE 8"-11" With the introduction of carbon fibre...

    € 490,00 (EU tax incl.)
    € 490,00 INTERNATIONAL
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