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  • Azemad Eclipse   With the AZEMAD ECLIPSE Roller skate boots, your feet will have the greatest comfort. Produced with high quality materials, their ergonomics is designed to combine comfort and durability. The AZEMAD Roller skate boots allow you to match the design colour to your personal liking.Match the colours that best suits your style. Choose from... Azemad Eclipse   With the AZEMAD...

    € 125,00 (EU tax incl.)
    € 125,00 INTERNATIONAL
  • This shaped-bag is designed for carrying a pair of skates but with the exclusive ‘Chita’ design on the side together with glitter for that stylish finishing touch. The thick weave polyester makes the bag strong, durable and washable. This shaped-bag is designed for...

    € 16,00 (EU tax incl.)
  • Kit Katy  Boots Risport Venus+ Frame Roll Line Variant M + Wheels Roll Line Magnum 57mm+ Abec 1  Kit Katy  Boots Risport Venus+ Frame...

    € 189,00 (EU tax incl.)
    € 189,00 INTERNATIONAL
    € 211,00
    Reduced price!
  • Stivale realizzato in microfibra esterna impermeabile e traspirante che rende lo stivale sempre asciutto. Riproduce le caratteristiche della pelle naturale in una micro fibra ottenendo un grande comfort, è anche antibatterico, lavabile, leggero, ecologico e altamente resistente.  Stivale realizzato in microfibra...

    € 229,50 (EU tax incl.)
    € 229,50 INTERNATIONAL
  • Kit for DANCEBoots Edea Flamenco, frame roll Line dance, wheels Roll Line ICE, bearings Abec Komplex abec 5 CarbonSizes: from 29 to 42 Kit for DANCEBoots Edea Flamenco,...

    € 605,00 (EU tax incl.)
    € 605,00 INTERNATIONAL
    € 673,00
    Reduced price!
  • Kit Darcey    Shoes Risport Dance Elite  Frame Roll Line Dance Wheels Roll Line Ice 63mm Bearings Komplex ABEC 5 Carbon Kit Darcey    Shoes Risport Dance...

    € 583,00 (EU tax incl.)
    € 583,00 INTERNATIONAL
    € 647,00
    Reduced price!
  • Kit Sharon  Boots Edea Fly  Frame Roll Line Mistral  Wheels Roll Line Giotto 57mm Bearings Komplex ABEC 7225 - 230 - 235 - 240 - 245 - 250 - 255 - 260 - 265 - 270 - 275 - 280 Kit Sharon  Boots Edea Fly  Frame...

    € 567,00 (EU tax incl.)
    € 567,00 INTERNATIONAL
    € 630,00
    Reduced price!
  • Kit for free style CONSU Boots Risport Royal Elite , Frame roll Line Mistral, wheels Roll Line Giotto mm57, bearings Abec 3 Kit for free style CONSU Boots...

    € 539,00 (EU tax incl.)
    € 539,00 INTERNATIONAL
    € 600,00
    Reduced price!
  • Kit for free style VICKY  Boots Risport Mercurio, Frame roll Line Mistral, wheels Roll Line Giotto mm57, bearings Abec 3 Sizes from 225 to 305. Kit for free style VICKY  Boots...

    € 525,00 (EU tax incl.)
    € 525,00 INTERNATIONAL
    € 583,00
    Reduced price!
  • Kit Hockey PREDATOR Boot Reno Millenium Plus 3+ Frame Roll Line Blaster+ Wheels Reno Vertical+ Abec3 Kit Hockey PREDATOR Boot Reno...

    € 360,00 (EU tax incl.)
    € 360,00 INTERNATIONAL
    € 403,00

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